Asian Elephant Adoption Kit

In stock

A Soft + Snuggly Friend You’ll Never Forget

Adoption Kit includes:

  • 4x6 photo your animal
  • Letter from Animal Care Specialist
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Support of DZCA animal care + conservation efforts
  • Does not include plush animal, choose plush as an add-on

If you’ve spent any time with Denver Zoo Conservation Alliance's boisterous bachelor herd, it’s probably hard to imagine that such big, beautiful creatures could ever be in danger of extinction. But with their natural habitat dwindling and poachers taking adult elephants in their prime, these powerful pachyderms need our protection more than ever.

With your adoption of an Endangered Asian elephant, you’re not only helping us to provide world-class care for our five fantastic elephant’re also supporting our field conservation work, which helps ensure the survival of wild species around the world.

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