Giraffe Adoption Kit

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A Fuzzy Friend Who’ll Stick His Neck Out for You

Adoption Kit includes:

  • 4x6 photo your animal
  • Letter from Animal Care Specialist
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Support of DZCA animal care + conservation efforts
  • Does not include plush animal, choose plush as an add-on

The members of our reticulated giraffe herd—Dobby, Jasiri and BB—continue to enchant our guests with their distinct personalities and leggy good looks. But did you know: their species is Endangered in the wild, due to rapidly dwindling open rangeland in their native Africa?

With your adoption of a plush giraffe, you’re helping Denver Zoo Conservation Alliance provide top-tier care to our giraffe herd and the other 3,000 wonderful animals in our care...and also supporting the protection of their wild counterparts around the world.

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